Does it make sense?

Many times the discount does not make any sense. Many times what people are trying to sell you in a so you Web hosting is one of two things. First they may want to up sell you after they get you to buy their hosting. What they will do is try to sell you other services either their own or others. The reason they want to so you others is because others will pay them what is known is a cost per acquisition. This means other companies will pay them a fixed fee when you purchase their services as well. The hosting company want to buy both. Then hosting company makes even more money.

Those kind discounts to my make sense, where you still have to buy other services. The discount to do make sense discounts like a godaddy promo code which gives you an immediate cash savings. Because this is what you really want, you want to save cash. Instead of getting additional services at a lower price it would be better to get cash into pocket right now. This is a you are there to get one thing and one thing only US will get what you’re asking for you buy other things later, like software, when you’re in the mood to buy them.

Domains and trademarks misunderstood

Somewhat unrelated to open source software, but an often asked question is how can someone have a particular domain if someone else uses that as a trademark. Now they may not use the exact domain with the top level extension as a trademark but they will use the name. This is because trademarks and domains are governed by two different entities and are essentially different.

There can only be one domain, but there can be many trademarks using that same name. You may see a type of food with a certain trademark and a car part of the same trademark. This is because they are in two different categories of goods and services. Now this cannot be the case with domain games because domain names have to be unique as they can only point to one website.

Therefore when you obtain a domain name and you may use a GoDaddy coupon to get a great discount, you would need to first search to make sure it is available. If someone else has it been you cannot have it or use it, while you could put it on letterhead it would not take people to your site but to someone else’s. Trademarks are obviously different as many people can use the same mark, they may get in trouble if it is confusingly similar or meets other restrictions, but you really cannot stop them from doing it. Also please note that domains are governed by the ICANN not by the patent and trademark office like trademarks.

WordPress minimum requirements

WordPress can be used at the WordPress site as they will provide you with a free blog. However there is a lot of flexibility you can obtain with a Web host and host it your self. While WordPress is incredibly easy to install there are sites that allow you to essentially install it with one click. In other words you simply sign up for their service click a button and you now have WordPress installed. You can obtain a years worth of hosting for an amazing price and get 10% off no matter how much you spend or how complicated your hosting using a GoDaddy hosting promo code to obtain a discount on their hosting.

It’s best to use a host that has the ability to allow you to install something quickly, but if you need to install yourself be sure there are the minimum WordPress requirements. Be sure they have PHP 4.3 or greater and MySQL 4.0 or greater. Those are pretty easy requirements as most Web host already have those. And do not worry if they do not have a one click install because it is very simple to install. This is because the individuals and WordPress made it simple and took the time to make sure it is very easy to install for the average individual area and they also give great installation instructions.

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