A Few Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software

Few Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software

What is all the fuss over open source software? Open source software is extremely popular because it costs absolutely nothing, it can be modified and used to your liking. But the truth is that in some cases, open source software is worth paying for. If you use it in a commercial way, here a couple reasons why free software is worth paying for:

  1. Enterprise-grade support. If your company relies on open source software for success and progression, then you may want to invest in enterprise-grade support as the thing about the digital world is that it can be 100 percent unpredictable. You will likely encounter glitches and kinks here and there so it’s best to be prepared.
  2. Access to new features. When you pay for open source software instead of just downloading it for free, you receive access to new features that can be incorporated into your current version of the software.
  3. More product stability and predictable life cycles. When companies require payment for their products, these products are tested for bugs and troubleshooting is carried out to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness for the user. This goes without saying, but that’s definitely worth the payment.