From this area you can download the latest software, including newly released buttons, palettes, libraries and documentation.

OneClick Add-ons

The OneClick Add-ons page contain hundreds of OneClick solutions, ranging from ready-to-use toolbars for popular applications to performance enhancing buttons, and OneClick “mini-applications” and utilities that will save you time and improve the way you use your Mac.

If you have a contribution to add to the OneClick Add-ons page and share with the OneClick community, read How to Upload

Bonus Palettes included with OneClick

Download the latest versions of the Bonus Palettes that ship with OneClick.

  • System Bar
  • Task Bar
  • Launch Strip
  • Finder
  • Font Settings

OneClick Extensions

OneClick Extensions are plug-ins that give the EasyScript language new capabilities.


Extensions page

OneClick Scripting Tools

  • CaptureAE
  • Hypercard externals

OneClick Guides

Download the following manuals in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF files).

OneClick User’s Guide with 2.0 supplement

2.0 supplement only

Authoring Guide, a comprehensive reference to scripting with OneClick.

Download the free Acrobat Reader from to view/print manuals if you don’t already have it.

OneClick Installer

Do you need a new installer for OneClick?

Use your ID Code and Password if they have not expired. Download here

If your code has expired, please email Sales to reactivate it. Include your name, address, email and phone number.