How to Build a Passive Income Stream Through Affiliate Web Design

how to build a passive income streams through affilate web design

Passive Income Stream

What is passive income?

This is when you get paid many times for work you only did once. Passive income streams are a way of finding other different side hustles to give you earnings.

Below are a few ideas you can use to start earning some money through web design Ireland.

1.  Rent out Your Website

Websites are said to be very costly when you want to buy especially for new and struggling businesses.

The option of renting them your website can help you build a passive monthly income and be very beneficial to you and your clients.

The client will also save a lot by renting instead of spending huge investment in buying a website.

2.  Design Drop-shipping Website

This is one of the easiest ways of creating an online store that saves you the hustle of starting a business.

Most passive income streams prefer this type of store because it has no warehouse cost and you don’t have to worry about shipping and inventory.

When dealing with drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about keeping products in inventory. Instead, the products are purchased from a drop-ship when an order is placed on your website. The order is then shipped by the supplier directly to your customer.

3.  Start a Blog

Most people when they want to generate passive income they start a blog. This is because setting up a blog is not that difficult. Once you have your blog ready, start writing high-quality content to attract more audience.

To maximise your passive income earning, target the audience that trusts your opinion. There’s a lot of competition in the world of blogging so find a niche that is less competitive and produce posts regularly to keep your audience engaged.

how to build a passive income streams through affilate web design

4.  Write an eBook

An eBook is another way of building passive income streams. Web developers and designers are advantageous because they have a better understanding of online technology and content marketing, learn more about content marketing at

They have better skills in online marketing and SEO user experience.  Based on their knowledge you can engage in tools like a canvas to get you started on eBook writing.

eBook writing has proved to be very lucrative when you put in more effort and produce what the consumers want. Remember your eBook should be non-fiction, short and to the point.

5.  From eBook to an Audio Book

Once you have written an eBook, you can convert that content into another format and sell it. Even though there is a lot of work involved in producing an audiobook, you can decide to outsource the project to experts to assist you.

Upwork and Fiverr will be very useful when outsourcing for help.  This will be very beneficial as you will not need to go the extra mile just to rent or purchase the needed equipment for recording and formatting the audio files.

6.  Create an Online Educational Course

Information and education are becoming more available online and very much affordable. Many people are opting to use the online course to acquire a high level of education.

This has led web designers and developers to use this opportunity and create their educational courses for passive income.

The introduction of online academies like Udemy offers online courses like photography, Web development and content writing.

The web developer also earns some passive income stream by sharing their valuable expertise online.


For you to yield more income, you need to put in more effort and be dedicated to what you do. Web developers and designers have the upper hand in creating passive income with their valuable knowledge about technology.

This does not mean you have to become a web developer to build a passive income, the opportunities are endless. Engage in as many as possible until you find the one that you will enjoy.