Launch Strip

Launch Strip

Welcome to Launch Strip, a handy and versatile file launcher for the Macintosh. Open your favorite applications, and access frequently used documents, disks, folders, servers, control panels, and URLs with just a click of your mouse or a user-assigned keyboard combination.

And, with the new Task Bar, a program manager included free with Launch Strip 2.0, you can also switch open applications and windows.

Launch Strip lets you quickly and easily open items by clicking buttons or choosing items from popup menus—no more searching your hard drive, or digging through folders. Just a click is all it takes to launch or open anything.

Use multiple Launch Strips to easily organize items by project or even for different users. Have one for your business documents, and another for games, or one for each family member.

What’s more, you can use Launch Strip to navigate open/save file dialogs to quickly switch to your frequent used folder locations. A great time saver!

And best of all, unlike stand alone launcher programs that have to be opened or constantly switched to, Launch Strip is always available as a floating palette, regardless of what application you’re currently using. Once an item is launched, the launch strip conveniently hides itself or shrinks to a small icon docked at a screen corner until it’s needed again.

New In Launch Strip 2.0

  • Now includes WestCode’s popular program switcher, the Task Bar
  • Launch items can have user-assigned keyboard shortcuts
  • Each Launch Strip can have a keyboard shortcut to display/hide the strip
  • Keboard shortcuts are available at any time and from within any application
  • Option to add the active application without having to find its file icon
  • Extensive online help
  • Aliases are now stored internally reducing disk space requirements
  • Uses the latest OneClick 2.x runtime engine
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS 9.x

Launch Strip

Upgrade From Launch Strip 1.4

There is a $10 upgrade fee for users of Launch Strip 1.4. To upgrade, please call us at 1-800-448-4250 or use the online upgrade order form.

Launch Strip Requirements

  • Mac II (68020) or any later Macintosh model including Power PC, G3, and G4 systems, including the iMac and the iBook.
  • System 7.5.3 or later, including Mac OS 9.x
  • Launch Strip uses very little RAM and hard drive space.

Launch Strip is delivered as an electronic product over the Internet and includes electronic documentation. Download it in less than 7 minutes.

WestCode offers free technical support and a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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