Mark’s BookMarks

Mark's BookMarks


BookMarks is an Internet Config-based URL launcher for OneClick. It allows for the storing of multiple URLs in categories, or “Topics.” BookMarks is full of features for the savvy net user.


OneClick 1.0.2 or later, Internet Config, the ICScriptor OSAX (included in the May Button Circle package), and Internet programs. A network connection is helpful.


If you do not have Internet Config, you will need to download it and set it up. The ICScriptor OSAX, labeled “InternetConfig Commands,” should be placed in your Scripting Additions folder in your Extensions folder. A folder named “BookMarks” which contains one file “OneClick Default” should be placed in a folder named “OCFiles” in your Preferences Folder.


Mark's BookMarks

Sorry for the long sentence. Finally, the BookMarks palette needs to be imported as a global palette. There is also a Mini-BookMarks palette which takes up roughly half as much screen real estate. Feel free to use either one. After reading through the Usage section below, please read the Initial Setup section to get you started with your own set of bookmarks.


There is extensive documentation in the ReadMe file.

Release Notes

Version 1.0 — 5/15/96
  • First public release