New Uploads

New Uploads

This page contains the latest OneClick add-ons, including WestCode endorsed items as well as user contributions. Check back often!

All of the items found on this page require OneClick, the top-rated macro and enhancement utility for saving time, simplifying common tasks and automating repetitive actions with keyboard or button shortcuts. To learn more about OneClick, see the OneClick Product Info page.

This button controls Audio CD’s much like Apple’s control strip module and is intended for use with WestCode Software’s OneClick 2.0.

Special Features

• Complete audio CD functions including play, pause, stop, eject, track selection, volume, repeat and auto play.

• Track list uses information from the standard Apple CD Player database to display disc and track names.

• Full support of all types of CD/DVD drives, as well as support of all features of the latest Apple CD/DVD drivers.

• Automatic multiple drive support. If you have more than one CD/DVD drive and more than one audio CD is inserted, the disc titles will appear automatically above the track list in the popup menu, allowing easy selection of any mounted audio CD.

New Uploads

A Better Way To Get Around…

NavServices Extension is a OneClick extension that allows the user to take advantage of the new Navigation Services open/save dialogs. Three functions are included: NavAvailable determines whether Navigation Services is available. NavAskFile allows the user to choose files, folders and/or disks. Multiple file selections are allowed. NavAskNewFile presents a Save/Save As dialog to choose a new file path.

NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile are very similar to the OneClick Standard File functions AskFile and AskNewFile, respectively. In fact, the AskFile and AskNewFile keywords can be directly replaced with their Navigation Services counterparts.

NavAskFile provides enhanced file filtering through the new pseudo file types “disk” for disks and “****” for any object, whether files, folders or disks. NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile both follow the Navigation Services convention of opening to the last directory used. The user can override this behavior by supplying a default file path parameter. Finally, NavAskFile also includes an option to allow multiple file selections.

Navigation Services must be available to use NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile. Navigation Services were shipped with Mac OS 8.5 and separate libraries are available for Mac OS 8.1.

Observe All Warning Signs…

Alerts Extension is a OneClick extension that uses the Mac OS Appearance Manager to display custom alert and message dialogs. The dialogs take on the look of the OS’s theme/scheme, have customizable icon and buttons, and auto-resize to fit the prompts.

The Alerts Extension has one command and one function. The Alert command displays a message similar to the EasyScript Message command. The AskAlert function can have up to four buttons and explanatory text. It returns the number of the button used to dismiss the alert.

The AskAlert function requires the Appearance Manager, which was introduced with Mac OS 8 and is available for Mac OS 7.5.3 and later. In the absence of the Appearance Manager, the Alert command is identical to the EasyScript Message command except that the user can specify the dialog’s icon.

Is Your Hard Disk Thirsty?

Hard Disk Gauge (aqua) palette puts a splash of MacOS X Aqua’s look on your desktop! The palette comes in two variations, one more aquafied than the other.

This palette displays a thermometer-gauge representation of how much used or free space is on any selected volume. It also displays, in text, the actual number of megabytes used or free on that volume.

Hard Disk Gauge requires the Volume Info AppleScript scripting addition (osax), which is available here (scroll to bottom of page)

Skywriting By Word Of … OneClick?

<Sally Struthers voice>
Ever need to remember something? Sure, we all do.
</Sally Struthers voice> (Egad, does that hurt the throat.)

Not only do we have to remember things, we also have to let people know that a computer is in use so they don’t start working on it while we’re away. Traditionally, a scrolling line of text is used; After Dark had a module that did just that. Now you can do the same thing in OneClick, and with a great deal more flexibility, I should think!

Updated version of the OneClick 2.0 palette!

This version has a few small tweaks. First, new features. AutoSave now has the ability to exclude/include applications. Insert Text now has the ability to type instead of paste (set on an app by app basis). The default for all apps is paste. URL Launcher now has the ability to type a URL into the current text area (shift-select the URL).

Second, we fixed a problem on some systems were the Finder would quit while trying to load the System Folders palette from its support file. If the palette was not present, it was loaded on startup or whenever you used the System Folders button. The problem affected only a handful of users and once the System Folders palette was in, the corruption was cured. Anyway, this should be fixed in System Bar 2.0.2.

Updated version of the OneClick 2.0 palette!

1 per page, 2 per page, even 4…a better way to print than before…

This palette for Laserwriter printers, using the Apple Laserwriter 8 software, makes a very small corner of your Mac experience easier. The palette appears whenever the Printer dialogue box is present, providing a simpler way to shift between the 4-per-Page/2-per-Page/1-per-Page Options and the Printer/PS/PDF Options.

And more importantly, it allows you to set defaults, application by application, so you can automatically be set for 1-per-Page/PDF in SimpleText, and 4-per-Page/Printer in Photoshop. (LaserWriter 8 Defaults is an edited version of the Button Circle palette, Color Stylewriter Defaults, by Mark Sarowitz.)