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Discover this amazing productivity utility that’s guaranteed to save you time and make your Mac more convenient to use

What is OneClick?

OneClick is the top-rated macro utility

With OneClick, you’ll save time and work easier with shortcuts to your frequent tasks.

OneClick combines dozens of time-saving system enhancements, a remarkable button or keyboard macro utility, highly customizable floating palettes and toolbars, a handy program launcher and switcher, a powerful scripting language, AppleScript support, and much more into one versatile easy-to-use package.

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What’s more, OneClick goes far beyond the run-of-mill macro utility, by offering many additional system enhancements that you’d normally need several different utilities to accomplish.

It’s the ultimate, must-have system enhancement for automating, customizing and simplifying your Mac.

OneClick has turned into one of the most valuable pieces of software I use. Guy Kawasaki, Apple Evangelist

Oc Info

What can you do with OneClick?

OneClick is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few of the things you can do:
  • Create single click access to menu commands with user-customizable toolbars for any application.
  • Automate multi-step or repetitive processes. OneClick will record your actions (selecting menus, clicking on buttons, typing text or key commands, etc.) and create a macro.
  • Assign keyboard commands to common tasks, for instance assign cmd-shift-T to empty trash, or F1 for spell check.
  • Open frequently used applications, folders and files with ease using the included program launcher...you can even assign keyboard commands to launch applications or open files…imagine using cmd-option-E to open your e-mail application.
  • Go directly to any folder or disk from within an Open or Save file dialog window.
  • Instantly insert frequently typed text anywhere.
  • Customize and integrate applications.
  • Batch process graphics files
  • Automatically move and resize windows.
  • Make custom popup menus.
  • Create AppleScript front-ends.
  • Open and Close your PPP connection
  • Switch printers or mount servers.
  • Copy, move, rename, delete files or folders.
  • Set up time-scheduled actions.
  • And much, much more…the possibilities are unlimited!

OneClick is one of the most powerful and remarkable utilities we’ve seen in the last couple of yearsMacUser Magazine

Benefits for all – from Beginning Mac Users to Power Users

Whether you’re new to the Macintosh or a seasoned power user, you’ll find OneClick to be the perfect companion for working with your Mac.

It’s simple for beginners, and yet
versatile for power users.

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Beginning users will enjoy the ready-to-use OneClick shortcuts to save time and work easier

OneClick will save you time and make using your Mac even more enjoyable and convenient. Use any of the included hundreds of ready-made buttons and palettes to simplify common actions and tasks in any Mac program FREE OneClick Add-Ons – Benefit from solutions created by other OneClick users. VERY COOL!

Tap into the huge and ever-growing library of OneClick add-ons. Over 100 enhancements and solutions, many which completely replace the need for other utilities.

And you can also share custom buttons and palettes with others in your organization or those having similar needs.

Launch StripInstantly open your favorite programs, documents and folders with a single click. Eliminates tedious searching through your hard drive for frequently used files and folders.

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Task BarQuickly and easily switch between currently open programs with a simple click. Eliminates need and bother of using the standard application menu.

Application and System Enhancementsconvenient shortcuts to common system-wide tasks and mini-application buttons to save you more time. Tile, stack and rearrange all program windows instantly; quickly dial a phone number from a popup Phone Dialer list; conveniently navigate your hard drive with a popup menu; insert frequently used text into any program from a popup glossary button list; and much more.

Application Toolbars – Hundreds of button and keyboard shortcuts to enhance and control your favorite programs. Intuitive buttons eliminate need to memorize keyboard commands. Excellent for feature-full applications, such as QuarkXPress and FileMaker Pro.

OneClick is easily the best piece of software I have ever purchased. I no longer need Now Menus, QuicKeys or PopChar….

Intermediate users will take advantage of OneClick powerful macro and automation tools

Work easier and save time with your own custom macros. A macro will play back and repeat any series of actions you perform on your computer. Add custom toolbars, button and keyboard macros to any of your favorite programs to completely tailor them to work the way you want them to.Macro recording and playback – Easily create button or keyboard macros that automate and speed up any routine multi-step action.

Record macros to select a pulldown menu then click checkboxes, radio buttons, and enter some text or change settings in a dialog window.

Anything you do on your computer can be turned into a keystroke or button click with OneClick. Reduce effort and errors in your work. Zip through work and save valuable time with your own custom macros.

I am extremely impressed with OneClick! I’ve been using QuicKeys, AppleScript, & Frontier for years to automate Macs and, in my opinion, this is by far the most promising product to be developed in quite some time. Very well thought out and simple to use. Thanks and great job!Reagan Johnson, Magic Pictures Company

Power users will appreciate OneClick’s depth and flexibility

Use OneClick’s built-in scripting language, EasyScript, to create powerful, sophisticated solutions to perform ANY task on a Mac.
EasyScript – OneClick’s incredibly rich scripting language enables you to control and manipulate the Mac in ways you never dreamed of. Even integrate AppleScript into EasyScript scripts for creating the most powerful and custom solutions you’ve ever imagined.

AppleScript interfaces – No need to “hide” your scripts in some pulldown menu or Finder-based desktop icon arrangement. Build professional, user-friendly interfaces for your existing AppleScript solutions. Or trigger AppleScripts with keyboard commands.

Palette, Button, and Icon Editors let you create toolbars and custom interfaces – The OneClick Editor provides a complete authoring environment for making your own toolbars, custom popup menus, and custom interfaces.

Reduce training time and errors for new users. Helps other users become even more productive. Create standardized button-based interfaces for your company or work group.

I am amazed and fascinated with OneClick… I recommend it to any Mac user. Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder