OneClick TaskBar 1.2

one click task bar

Download the new Task Bar today! This standard OneClick component has been rewritten to add in many new features. For instance, there is a button for tracking Recent Applications, a button that links your Launch Strip to the Task Bar, a new menu for each application button full of options, and much much more. There’s even a way to switch to the application’s folder when in Open/Save dialog boxes!

Grab the new Task Bar from here!

Installing the OneClick Task Bar 1.2

Note: This version of the Task Bar requires OneClick 1.0.2.

This is covered in some detail in the User’s Guide under “Importing a palette from a file” on pages 70-71.

1) Open the OneClick Editor and click on the “Palette” tab to select the Palette Editor
2) Choose “Import Palette” from the “New Palette” pop-up menu
3) Select the “Task Bar Palette 1.2” file
4)Check the “Import As Global Palette” checkbox and click “Select”
5) Close the editor.

The palette will ask you if you would like to delete the old Task Bar. We strongly recommend that you do so.

Using the OneClick Task Bar

The Task Bar shows a task button for each open application. At a glance, it shows you which applications are running; you can switch applications by clicking different task buttons. When you click hold down the mouse button down on a task button, a pop-up menu appears with options specific to that button’s application. The Task Bar also provides a pop-up menu of recently opened applications, and a handy button to pop-up the OneClick Launch Strip palette.

Oc Info

Configuring the OneClick Task Bar

Options in the Task Bar’s Configure and the Recent Apps buttons let you change the appearance of the Task Bar and the behavior of its task buttons.

Common OneClick Task Bar Questions

How can I customize this palette? My changes made in the editor are undone.

The Task Bar is a self-modifying palette. Every time a new application is opened, the Task Bar goes through a routine to arrange the buttons and, by necessity, it reformats the buttons then. You can change this by editing the script yourself. You will need to edit the “Agent” script.

To change the default size for large or small buttons, select “buttonsize vars are set right here” from the “Label” button in the Script Editor. You will be taken to this portion of the script. Change the values to the ones you prefer.

// <buttonsize vars are set right here>

largeSize = 38

smallSize = 26

Can I add my own buttons to the Task Bar?

Since the Task Bar is a self-modifying palette, custom buttons will be deleted whenever the Task Bar reformats itself. We recommend that you add custom buttons to the Launch Strip or simply place them on your own global palette instead.