Open Source enables users to make Apps for Google Glass with no coding

Open Source

Google Glass is the perfect example of how today’s technology is ever-evolving, transforming to take thing up a notch and propelling us into the future that we’ve always thought would be soon ours. 2,000 devices sold and counting!

The popularity of Google Glass has been even more so amped up with the selection of apps available for it. Huge social media and news sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and media centers CNN and Elle were among the few that have pushed an app for Google Glass. Now, it’s not just all about the big names and the media giants. This time, even the casual coders are giving it a go.

Chris Madden, owner of Applaunch and one of the team behind Animoto, has developed and released an open-source code for those who want to dabble with Google Glass apps for themselves. It is an editable template that uses the Mirror API code so you can make web-based service apps even for those with little to no experience in coding apps at all. According to Madden, all it takes is a little bit of planning about what app you want, a few tweaks for the database, which is entirely user friendly, and finally and 15 minutes to create your app!

Even with this, Madden aims to add more features, yet make app creation a cinch for ordinary/regular users.