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Open Source Software

Open Source Software
February 4th, 2009 | by admin | joesmart writes to tell us that new work on OpenChange and KDE seeks to bridge the gap between groupware … on code developed for Samba 4. It is open source software licensed under the GPL version 3. Hards … compatibility and open source. KDE developer Brad Hards spoke at the Linux.conf.au conference
Teachers Need an Open Source Education – linuxexpert.com
February 4th, 2009 | by admin | palegray.net writes “Teachers are sorely in need of an education in what open source software is, what it isn’t, … blog entry exposes a ‘higher education’ culture of apathy, lies, and fear of open source software
Yes We Can… – opensource-pragmatist.com
Open Source Software – Yes We Can “Yes We Can … in doing is exploring how the United States government can use open source software rather than rely … growing awareness of open source software solutions and how they might be considered as alternatives
PDF Creatorghacks.net
PDF Creator is an Open Source software program to create pdf documents by adding itself as a virtual printer that can be used to send and convert … , Open Source, pdf, pdf creator, pdf document, pdf printer, pdf server, virtual printer, windows … makes use of Ghostscript to provide the pdf functionality. The pdf software generator comes
PDF Creator – seotraffichero.com
PDF Creator February 4th, 2009 PDF Creator is an Open Source software program to create pdf documents by adding itself as a virtual printer that … Creator Tags: adobe pdf, ghostscript, Open Source, pdf, pdf creator, pdf document, pdf printer, pdf server … , pdf server, virtual printer, ghostscript, adobe pdf, software, Windows, windows software, open
KDE on Windows: Subversive, but Useful – computer-internet.marc8.com
Open Source Software
KDE on Windows: Subversive, but Useful Linux Today Wed, 02/04/2009 – 15:03 Datamation: “KDE on Windows is such a subversive project that it is impossible to resist. Who else except the free and open source software (FOSS) community would take a desktop for Unix-like systems and port
Datamation: “KDE on Windows is such a subversive project that it is impossible to resist. Who else except the free and open source software (FOSS) community would take a desktop for Unix-like systems
By Richard Danter Motorola announced yesterday it will ship an Android-based phone by the end of the year … pushing a major manufacturer towards further embracing Open Source Software? Sure the numbers don’t
Next up: FOSDEM 2009weblogs.java.net
FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting I’m excited to be heading up to Brussels, Belgium this Friday … the community and industry are dealing with increasing commercial pressure on open source projects I also expect to be meeting a lot of people in the free and open source community and have many
How to Use Mail Merge with AbiWord and KOffice If you have read Solveig Haugland’s “Mail Merge in Openoffice.org: Everything You Need to Know,” then you already know how to use mail merge to reduce your workload in one free and open source software application (FOSS). However, OpenOffice.org

How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business

We compiled the basic information you need to begin your own business. Keyword optimisation may be the solution. We gathered and condensed some of the most important things you need to know. This is unintentional and does not exempt any individual or institution from complying with the laws and regulations of the state of California and the federal government.

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How To Start A Business

You set out to raise money for your business and it will provide milestones to gauge your success. Be on your way to business ownership in no time! Although initial mistakes are not always fatal it takes extra skill discipline and hard work to regain the advantage.

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So you can start your entrepreneurial enterprise rolling. Most Christians had a good working grasp of personal finance and business principles. Complete with industry specific information and a sample business plan you get the resources you need to get your business going. Having started my own business.

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Find a tutorial on how to create a business plan. You can start getting paid as soon as this week! Start with a mini-plan! You can learn the basics.



From this area you can download the latest software, including newly released buttons, palettes, libraries and documentation.

OneClick Add-ons

The OneClick Add-ons page contain hundreds of OneClick solutions, ranging from ready-to-use toolbars for popular applications to performance enhancing buttons, and OneClick “mini-applications” and utilities that will save you time and improve the way you use your Mac.

If you have a contribution to add to the OneClick Add-ons page and share with the OneClick community, read How to Upload

Bonus Palettes included with OneClick

Download the latest versions of the Bonus Palettes that ship with OneClick.

  • System Bar
  • Task Bar
  • Launch Strip
  • Finder
  • Font Settings

OneClick Extensions

OneClick Extensions are plug-ins that give the EasyScript language new capabilities.


Extensions page

OneClick Scripting Tools

  • CaptureAE
  • Hypercard externals

OneClick Guides

Download the following manuals in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF files).

OneClick User’s Guide with 2.0 supplement

2.0 supplement only

Authoring Guide, a comprehensive reference to scripting with OneClick.

Download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.com to view/print manuals if you don’t already have it.

OneClick Installer

Do you need a new installer for OneClick?

Use your ID Code and Password if they have not expired. Download here

If your code has expired, please email Sales to reactivate it. Include your name, address, email and phone number.


Mark’s BookMarks

Mark's BookMarks


BookMarks is an Internet Config-based URL launcher for OneClick. It allows for the storing of multiple URLs in categories, or “Topics.” BookMarks is full of features for the savvy net user.


OneClick 1.0.2 or later, Internet Config, the ICScriptor OSAX (included in the May Button Circle package), and Internet programs. A network connection is helpful.


If you do not have Internet Config, you will need to download it and set it up. The ICScriptor OSAX, labeled “InternetConfig Commands,” should be placed in your Scripting Additions folder in your Extensions folder. A folder named “BookMarks” which contains one file “OneClick Default” should be placed in a folder named “OCFiles” in your Preferences Folder.


Mark's BookMarks

Sorry for the long sentence. Finally, the BookMarks palette needs to be imported as a global palette. There is also a Mini-BookMarks palette which takes up roughly half as much screen real estate. Feel free to use either one. After reading through the Usage section below, please read the Initial Setup section to get you started with your own set of bookmarks.


There is extensive documentation in the ReadMe file.

Release Notes

Version 1.0 — 5/15/96
  • First public release

OneClick TaskBar 1.2

one click task bar

Download the new Task Bar today! This standard OneClick component has been rewritten to add in many new features. For instance, there is a button for tracking Recent Applications, a button that links your Launch Strip to the Task Bar, a new menu for each application button full of options, and much much more. There’s even a way to switch to the application’s folder when in Open/Save dialog boxes!

Grab the new Task Bar from here!

Installing the OneClick Task Bar 1.2

Note: This version of the Task Bar requires OneClick 1.0.2.

This is covered in some detail in the User’s Guide under “Importing a palette from a file” on pages 70-71.

1) Open the OneClick Editor and click on the “Palette” tab to select the Palette Editor
2) Choose “Import Palette” from the “New Palette” pop-up menu
3) Select the “Task Bar Palette 1.2” file
4)Check the “Import As Global Palette” checkbox and click “Select”
5) Close the editor.

The palette will ask you if you would like to delete the old Task Bar. We strongly recommend that you do so.

Using the OneClick Task Bar

The Task Bar shows a task button for each open application. At a glance, it shows you which applications are running; you can switch applications by clicking different task buttons. When you click hold down the mouse button down on a task button, a pop-up menu appears with options specific to that button’s application. The Task Bar also provides a pop-up menu of recently opened applications, and a handy button to pop-up the OneClick Launch Strip palette.

Oc Info

Configuring the OneClick Task Bar

Options in the Task Bar’s Configure and the Recent Apps buttons let you change the appearance of the Task Bar and the behavior of its task buttons.

Common OneClick Task Bar Questions

How can I customize this palette? My changes made in the editor are undone.

The Task Bar is a self-modifying palette. Every time a new application is opened, the Task Bar goes through a routine to arrange the buttons and, by necessity, it reformats the buttons then. You can change this by editing the script yourself. You will need to edit the “Agent” script.

To change the default size for large or small buttons, select “buttonsize vars are set right here” from the “Label” button in the Script Editor. You will be taken to this portion of the script. Change the values to the ones you prefer.

// <buttonsize vars are set right here>

largeSize = 38

smallSize = 26

Can I add my own buttons to the Task Bar?

Since the Task Bar is a self-modifying palette, custom buttons will be deleted whenever the Task Bar reformats itself. We recommend that you add custom buttons to the Launch Strip or simply place them on your own global palette instead.

Home Based Business Ideas

Home Based Business Ideas

Turn a craft hobby into a home based business or looking for ways to grow your exisiting one we have got it made right? Okay if you have transcription skills and the necessary equipment you can easily work from home? This web site contains links to other web sites. Find out more. There are a number of online resources depending on the school of yoga that you practice.

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Some great home business articles that can be of help to internet entrepreneurs.

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Home Based Business Ideas

Whether you’re looking to start a home based enterprise and sell your work on ebay or at local craft shows.

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Promo Code For GoDaddy

Promo Code For GoDaddy

Hey guys, here’s a new Promo Code for GoDaddy for eCommerce development. If you are a coder these days, chances are you work either partially or entirely on building web sites. Everything revolves around the internet these days, even if you write code for programs or games with no online functionality, the web is still the number one way to distribute software. In fact if you are a developer, you can bypass a lot of the barriers to software distribution by just making your own web site and distributing the program yourself. That way you get to keep all the profits. If you design software, learning to make a web site should be a breeze for you. To get the cheapest website, use this godaddy promo code to get a great deal from GoDaddy.

For Dummies

We have all heard about a web development book called ‘Software Programming For Dummies’ and I think that’s pretty accurate. Once you get the hang of it and learn the basics of HTML and how Flash and PHP work, it’s pretty simple. You just have to make sure you get a good domain name, get web hosting, SSL security, have your site marketed, etc. These are all services you can do with GoDaddy pretty cheap and easy. Their web hosting allows for php and any type of scripting. Read on to understand why I brought it up.

Promo Code For GoDaddy

Domains for Dummies

I like to think of GoDaddy as the Domains for Dummies. They make it all easy. It is simple to figure out how to register a domain using their site. They make it a simple step by step process. You simply put in a word and if it is not available you will have other suggestions. Then you just click and choose any one you want. The entire process is a step by step ‘for dummies’ process. The hosting they have is also the same. You can obtain hosting and a website or content management system using the same process. Click a couple buttons and you are up and running. Call that ‘websites for dummies’.

Why GoDaddy?

I am often asked why I use their hosting or use their domain name registration system. I say three simple reasons:

  • 1. They, Go Daddy, were one of the first domain registrars ever and have been going ever since
  • 2. They also are the largest registrar of domains, meaning more are purchased through them than any other
  • 3. The interface is beyond simple and customer service is 24/7 with helpful people that solve your issues, should you have any

There are many more reasons, but I like to keep it simple and to just three.

New Uploads

New Uploads

This page contains the latest OneClick add-ons, including WestCode endorsed items as well as user contributions. Check back often!

All of the items found on this page require OneClick, the top-rated macro and enhancement utility for saving time, simplifying common tasks and automating repetitive actions with keyboard or button shortcuts. To learn more about OneClick, see the OneClick Product Info page.

This button controls Audio CD’s much like Apple’s control strip module and is intended for use with WestCode Software’s OneClick 2.0.

Special Features

• Complete audio CD functions including play, pause, stop, eject, track selection, volume, repeat and auto play.

• Track list uses information from the standard Apple CD Player database to display disc and track names.

• Full support of all types of CD/DVD drives, as well as support of all features of the latest Apple CD/DVD drivers.

• Automatic multiple drive support. If you have more than one CD/DVD drive and more than one audio CD is inserted, the disc titles will appear automatically above the track list in the popup menu, allowing easy selection of any mounted audio CD.

New Uploads

A Better Way To Get Around…

NavServices Extension is a OneClick extension that allows the user to take advantage of the new Navigation Services open/save dialogs. Three functions are included: NavAvailable determines whether Navigation Services is available. NavAskFile allows the user to choose files, folders and/or disks. Multiple file selections are allowed. NavAskNewFile presents a Save/Save As dialog to choose a new file path.

NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile are very similar to the OneClick Standard File functions AskFile and AskNewFile, respectively. In fact, the AskFile and AskNewFile keywords can be directly replaced with their Navigation Services counterparts.

NavAskFile provides enhanced file filtering through the new pseudo file types “disk” for disks and “****” for any object, whether files, folders or disks. NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile both follow the Navigation Services convention of opening to the last directory used. The user can override this behavior by supplying a default file path parameter. Finally, NavAskFile also includes an option to allow multiple file selections.

Navigation Services must be available to use NavAskFile and NavAskNewFile. Navigation Services were shipped with Mac OS 8.5 and separate libraries are available for Mac OS 8.1.

Observe All Warning Signs…

Alerts Extension is a OneClick extension that uses the Mac OS Appearance Manager to display custom alert and message dialogs. The dialogs take on the look of the OS’s theme/scheme, have customizable icon and buttons, and auto-resize to fit the prompts.

The Alerts Extension has one command and one function. The Alert command displays a message similar to the EasyScript Message command. The AskAlert function can have up to four buttons and explanatory text. It returns the number of the button used to dismiss the alert.

The AskAlert function requires the Appearance Manager, which was introduced with Mac OS 8 and is available for Mac OS 7.5.3 and later. In the absence of the Appearance Manager, the Alert command is identical to the EasyScript Message command except that the user can specify the dialog’s icon.

Is Your Hard Disk Thirsty?

Hard Disk Gauge (aqua) palette puts a splash of MacOS X Aqua’s look on your desktop! The palette comes in two variations, one more aquafied than the other.

This palette displays a thermometer-gauge representation of how much used or free space is on any selected volume. It also displays, in text, the actual number of megabytes used or free on that volume.

Hard Disk Gauge requires the Volume Info AppleScript scripting addition (osax), which is available here (scroll to bottom of page)

Skywriting By Word Of … OneClick?

<Sally Struthers voice>
Ever need to remember something? Sure, we all do.
</Sally Struthers voice> (Egad, does that hurt the throat.)

Not only do we have to remember things, we also have to let people know that a computer is in use so they don’t start working on it while we’re away. Traditionally, a scrolling line of text is used; After Dark had a module that did just that. Now you can do the same thing in OneClick, and with a great deal more flexibility, I should think!

Updated version of the OneClick 2.0 palette!

This version has a few small tweaks. First, new features. AutoSave now has the ability to exclude/include applications. Insert Text now has the ability to type instead of paste (set on an app by app basis). The default for all apps is paste. URL Launcher now has the ability to type a URL into the current text area (shift-select the URL).

Second, we fixed a problem on some systems were the Finder would quit while trying to load the System Folders palette from its support file. If the palette was not present, it was loaded on startup or whenever you used the System Folders button. The problem affected only a handful of users and once the System Folders palette was in, the corruption was cured. Anyway, this should be fixed in System Bar 2.0.2.

Updated version of the OneClick 2.0 palette!

1 per page, 2 per page, even 4…a better way to print than before…

This palette for Laserwriter printers, using the Apple Laserwriter 8 software, makes a very small corner of your Mac experience easier. The palette appears whenever the Printer dialogue box is present, providing a simpler way to shift between the 4-per-Page/2-per-Page/1-per-Page Options and the Printer/PS/PDF Options.

And more importantly, it allows you to set defaults, application by application, so you can automatically be set for 1-per-Page/PDF in SimpleText, and 4-per-Page/Printer in Photoshop. (LaserWriter 8 Defaults is an edited version of the Button Circle palette, Color Stylewriter Defaults, by Mark Sarowitz.)

Ungar Bleit

Ungar Bleit

Tired of garbled email and other text? No problem, clean it up instantly with ungarble it! – guaranteed to save you time and effort!

What is ungarble it!?

ungarble it! is a powerful, yet easy-to-use text management utility that integrates essential text processing capabilities right into your computer’s operating system. With little more than a click on ungarble it! the text is instantly cleaned up, saving you tons of time and effort that would otherwise be required if you had to perform the same work manually. SEO Dublin using this for text processing since long.

And best of all, unlike stand-alone text processing applications that have to be launched and constantly switched to, or application plugins that only work in certain programs, ungarble it! is always available, regardless of what application you’re currently using, ready to effortlessly ungarble it! It is also been widely used in content marketing agencies all around the world.

Who needs to ungarble it!?

Emailers, desktop publishers, writers, editors, web surfers… everyone who gets frustrated by garbled text will love to ungarble it!.

Think about it, how many times have you opened up a message from someone and it was practically impossible to read. Broken lines, reply characters “>” everywhere… what a mess. And what if you wanted to forward the message to someone else? Ever find yourself trying to clean all that up?

Or how about those times when you found some interesting information on a website, so you tried to copy and paste the text into another document, only to get a narrow column of text or broken lines everywhere. Bet you’re eager to clean that up, huh!

Well with ungarble it! those frustrations are over.

System Requirements

ungarble it! will work on any Macintosh running System 7.0 thru Mac OS 9.2.2. Once installed, ungarble it! uses less than 500K of hard drive space and when running uses less than 300K of RAM.

Get ungarble it! today…

Discover for yourself how indispensable ungarble it! really is. It’s one utility you will use every day to save time and work more easily, website hosting Ireland is using ungarable for managing the millions of emails that they receive daily. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

What makes this offer so special?

  • Incredible low price
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Easy online ordering
  • Fast Internet delivery of your order

Discover the power and versatility of ungarble it!

Try to ungarble it! for the next 60 days and if you aren’t delighted, we’ll gladly refund your money. We absolutely guarantee it!

ungarble it! is no longer available

Oc Info

Oc Info

Discover this amazing productivity utility that’s guaranteed to save you time and make your Mac more convenient to use

What is OneClick?

OneClick is the top-rated macro utility

With OneClick, you’ll save time and work easier with shortcuts to your frequent tasks.

OneClick combines dozens of time-saving system enhancements, a remarkable button or keyboard macro utility, highly customizable floating palettes and toolbars, a handy program launcher and switcher, a powerful scripting language, AppleScript support, and much more into one versatile easy-to-use package.

How to Build a Passive Income Stream Through Affiliate Web Design

These scripting languages are in use of many small and business businesses and designing companies, scripting language, AppleScript is in use by best web designing company in Ireland, you can learn more about these companies at https://cliquedmedia.com/web-design-ireland/, there professional staff is taking full benefit of this OneClick system.

What’s more, OneClick goes far beyond the run-of-mill macro utility, by offering many additional system enhancements that you’d normally need several different utilities to accomplish.

It’s the ultimate, must-have system enhancement for automating, customizing and simplifying your Mac.

OneClick has turned into one of the most valuable pieces of software I use. Guy Kawasaki, Apple Evangelist

Oc Info

What can you do with OneClick?

OneClick is incredibly versatile. Here are just a few of the things you can do:
  • Create single click access to menu commands with user-customizable toolbars for any application.
  • Automate multi-step or repetitive processes. OneClick will record your actions (selecting menus, clicking on buttons, typing text or key commands, etc.) and create a macro.
  • Assign keyboard commands to common tasks, for instance assign cmd-shift-T to empty trash, or F1 for spell check.
  • Open frequently used applications, folders and files with ease using the included program launcher...you can even assign keyboard commands to launch applications or open files…imagine using cmd-option-E to open your e-mail application.
  • Go directly to any folder or disk from within an Open or Save file dialog window.
  • Instantly insert frequently typed text anywhere.
  • Customize and integrate applications.
  • Batch process graphics files
  • Automatically move and resize windows.
  • Make custom popup menus.
  • Create AppleScript front-ends.
  • Open and Close your PPP connection
  • Switch printers or mount servers.
  • Copy, move, rename, delete files or folders.
  • Set up time-scheduled actions.
  • And much, much more…the possibilities are unlimited!

OneClick is one of the most powerful and remarkable utilities we’ve seen in the last couple of yearsMacUser Magazine

Benefits for all – from Beginning Mac Users to Power Users

Whether you’re new to the Macintosh or a seasoned power user, you’ll find OneClick to be the perfect companion for working with your Mac.

It’s simple for beginners, and yet
versatile for power users.

Spot Light

Beginning users will enjoy the ready-to-use OneClick shortcuts to save time and work easier

OneClick will save you time and make using your Mac even more enjoyable and convenient. Use any of the included hundreds of ready-made buttons and palettes to simplify common actions and tasks in any Mac program FREE OneClick Add-Ons – Benefit from solutions created by other OneClick users. VERY COOL!

Tap into the huge and ever-growing library of OneClick add-ons. Over 100 enhancements and solutions, many which completely replace the need for other utilities.

And you can also share custom buttons and palettes with others in your organization or those having similar needs.

Launch StripInstantly open your favorite programs, documents and folders with a single click. Eliminates tedious searching through your hard drive for frequently used files and folders.

GoDaddy is the Top Domain Registrar

Task BarQuickly and easily switch between currently open programs with a simple click. Eliminates need and bother of using the standard application menu.

Application and System Enhancementsconvenient shortcuts to common system-wide tasks and mini-application buttons to save you more time. Tile, stack and rearrange all program windows instantly; quickly dial a phone number from a popup Phone Dialer list; conveniently navigate your hard drive with a popup menu; insert frequently used text into any program from a popup glossary button list; and much more.

Application Toolbars – Hundreds of button and keyboard shortcuts to enhance and control your favorite programs. Intuitive buttons eliminate need to memorize keyboard commands. Excellent for feature-full applications, such as QuarkXPress and FileMaker Pro.

OneClick is easily the best piece of software I have ever purchased. I no longer need Now Menus, QuicKeys or PopChar….

Intermediate users will take advantage of OneClick powerful macro and automation tools

Work easier and save time with your own custom macros. A macro will play back and repeat any series of actions you perform on your computer. Add custom toolbars, button and keyboard macros to any of your favorite programs to completely tailor them to work the way you want them to.Macro recording and playback – Easily create button or keyboard macros that automate and speed up any routine multi-step action.

Record macros to select a pulldown menu then click checkboxes, radio buttons, and enter some text or change settings in a dialog window.

Anything you do on your computer can be turned into a keystroke or button click with OneClick. Reduce effort and errors in your work. Zip through work and save valuable time with your own custom macros.

I am extremely impressed with OneClick! I’ve been using QuicKeys, AppleScript, & Frontier for years to automate Macs and, in my opinion, this is by far the most promising product to be developed in quite some time. Very well thought out and simple to use. Thanks and great job!Reagan Johnson, Magic Pictures Company

Power users will appreciate OneClick’s depth and flexibility

Use OneClick’s built-in scripting language, EasyScript, to create powerful, sophisticated solutions to perform ANY task on a Mac.
EasyScript – OneClick’s incredibly rich scripting language enables you to control and manipulate the Mac in ways you never dreamed of. Even integrate AppleScript into EasyScript scripts for creating the most powerful and custom solutions you’ve ever imagined.

AppleScript interfaces – No need to “hide” your scripts in some pulldown menu or Finder-based desktop icon arrangement. Build professional, user-friendly interfaces for your existing AppleScript solutions. Or trigger AppleScripts with keyboard commands.

Palette, Button, and Icon Editors let you create toolbars and custom interfaces – The OneClick Editor provides a complete authoring environment for making your own toolbars, custom popup menus, and custom interfaces.

Reduce training time and errors for new users. Helps other users become even more productive. Create standardized button-based interfaces for your company or work group.

I am amazed and fascinated with OneClick… I recommend it to any Mac user. Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder