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One Click

One Click

OneClick add-ons

One of the best things about OneClick is the abundance and variety of ready made FREE add-ons that let you use OneClick to perform all sorts of tasks.

OneClick Spotlight

Our look at some cool OneClick add-ons…

OneClick How-to
One Click

To get started check out our Favorites, Tips & Tutorials. Learn how to use OneClick, and see how others put OneClick to work.

OneClick downloads

Get updates, documentation and other OneClick downloads.

OneClick-Talk e-mail discussion list

Discuss OneClick with other users and ask questions.


Useful sites that relate to OneClick. Lots of AppleScript references.

OneClick support

FAQs, troubleshooting tips and techniques.

OneClick v1.x users upgrade – What’s new in OneClick 2.0

A major new upgrade to OneClick with over 80 new features! Now more powerful and easier to use.