Promo Code For GoDaddy

Promo Code For GoDaddy

Hey guys, here’s a new Promo Code for GoDaddy for eCommerce development. If you are a coder these days, chances are you work either partially or entirely on building web sites. Everything revolves around the internet these days, even if you write code for programs or games with no online functionality, the web is still the number one way to distribute software. In fact if you are a developer, you can bypass a lot of the barriers to software distribution by just making your own web site and distributing the program yourself. That way you get to keep all the profits. If you design software, learning to make a web site should be a breeze for you. To get the cheapest website, use this godaddy promo code to get a great deal from GoDaddy.

For Dummies

We have all heard about a web development book called ‘Software Programming For Dummies’ and I think that’s pretty accurate. Once you get the hang of it and learn the basics of HTML and how Flash and PHP work, it’s pretty simple. You just have to make sure you get a good domain name, get web hosting, SSL security, have your site marketed, etc. These are all services you can do with GoDaddy pretty cheap and easy. Their web hosting allows for php and any type of scripting. Read on to understand why I brought it up.

Promo Code For GoDaddy

Domains for Dummies

I like to think of GoDaddy as the Domains for Dummies. They make it all easy. It is simple to figure out how to register a domain using their site. They make it a simple step by step process. You simply put in a word and if it is not available you will have other suggestions. Then you just click and choose any one you want. The entire process is a step by step ‘for dummies’ process. The hosting they have is also the same. You can obtain hosting and a website or content management system using the same process. Click a couple buttons and you are up and running. Call that ‘websites for dummies’.

Why GoDaddy?

I am often asked why I use their hosting or use their domain name registration system. I say three simple reasons:

  • 1. They, Go Daddy, were one of the first domain registrars ever and have been going ever since
  • 2. They also are the largest registrar of domains, meaning more are purchased through them than any other
  • 3. The interface is beyond simple and customer service is 24/7 with helpful people that solve your issues, should you have any

There are many more reasons, but I like to keep it simple and to just three.