Notes For Users Of Quicken, Special Upgrade Price for Quicken Users

Quicken 98 users can upgrade to OneClick 2.0 for $19.98.

If you would like to upgrade to full (non-runtime) version of OneClick 2.0 and tap into OneClick’s powerful and useful features, please call our customer service staff (800) 448-4250 or use the online upgrade order form. Visit http://www.westcodesoft.com/oneclick/oc2/ to see what the full version of OneClick offers.

Quicken 7 and Quicken 98 both use OneClick to display their toolbars. Consequently, when you use some versions of OneClick or the OneClick Runtime, you might see some display anomalies. This section details the known issues and provides easy workarounds for almost all of them.

Note Quicken 2000 does NOT use OneClick. Please contact Intuit for support for any problems with Q2000.


Q. I just installed Quicken 2000, and found that I got both sets (Quicken 98 and Quicken 2000) toolbars displaying on the screen, one on top of the other.

Find and remove the “Quicken 98 [INTU] Palette” file. That will prevent the old Quicken 98 palettes from loading with Quicken 2000.

To locate the file, look in the OneClick folder (the OneClick Folder is located inside the Preferences folder, which is in the System Folder).

Q. When I first launch Quicken with your product installed, there is a dialog notifying me that I need to upgrade OneClick. Where is OneClick 1.5?

However, contrary to this message, Quicken works fine with OneClick (and the runtime installed with most of our utilities) — you should have complete access to all of Quicken’s button bar customization features.

If this warning does not go away the second time you launch Quicken, try removing the OneClick Runtime file from the Quicken Essentials folder.

Q. My Quicken buttons do not show up when I open the application. How come?

Simply quit and relaunch Quicken and the buttons should be available. Launching Quicken twice is apparently necessary for Quicken to copy their button palette file into the OneClick folder.

Q. Still, the Quicken buttons are not showing up…what next?

Here’s a simple solution which should get the button bars to reappear in Quicken.

  1. In Quicken, choose the Preferences option in the Edit menu.
  2. Click on General in the list of preference categories shown at the left of the Preferences window.
  3. Uncheck the Show Button Bars option, then click OK.
  4. Now again, select the Preferences option in the Edit menu.
  5. Check the Show Button Bars option, then click OK.

The button bars should reappear. If this doesn’t solve the problem reinstall Quicken, then launch it twice.

Q. OK, I’ve done all this and I still cannot access my Quicken Accounts Bar. What the problem?

Contact Intuit.