Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In simple words, “Social Media Marketing is the way of finding a need and wants of customer and attracting towards your products

See, This is my marketing definition. Everyone has their own thoughts and mindset about things. The definition of marketing can differ person-to-person but the objective can’t be changed.

The objective of marketing is to grow the business. Marketing is just a part of the business but it’s very important. How are you doing marketing for your business or product, it can decide whether your business will grow or not?

Today’s article is about, “MARKETING”?

In this article, I will share my & other Marketing Guru’s points of view to make it clear the importance of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

What is Marketing Definition?

As I said above, everyone has a different mindset and thoughts. Phillips Kottler is one of the well-known legends of marketing.

According to him, marketing is:

 “Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process”. and a decade later defines it as “a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they want and need through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others.”

This is just an example. You can find out many definitions on the internet about marketing but you will find one thing very common and that is “OBJECTIVE”. Definitions get changed, but the objective doesn’t.

Nowadays, Marketing is very important than anything. Actually, The best social media marketing is very important than anything. The ways of marketing have been changed very drastically as compared to past marketing practices.

Nowadays companies are putting lots of money into online or digital marketing and now there are many digital marketing consultants. I’m writing this article, this is also one of the biggest parts of online or digital marketing.

Actually in the case of digital marketing, Content is the king and the base of any successful brand through online marketing. learn more about content creation at

it is not possible to cover everything in this article. So that I’m going to post regular content about marketing. You can bookmark our website to learn more…