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Shortcuts Palette by Achim Siebert

 Shortcuts Palette

Sure, OneClick lets you create attractive buttons and toolbars on your screen to help you automate your Macintosh operations. But buttons on OneClick palettes can also be triggered by keyboard shortcuts, and many of the OneClick tools we use most are on palettes that aren’t even visible most of the time.

Well-chosen keyboard shortcuts streamline your work by reducing the need to move your hands between keyboard and mouse. Sometimes, though, we need a refresher course in the keyboard shortcuts available in our palettes. That’s where the Shortcuts Palette comes in: it lists all the keyboard shortcuts available in palettes associated with the current application as well as with global palettes.

The Shortcuts Palette should be imported as a global palette.

Download the Shortcuts Palette (3K)

To install:

  1. Download the Shortcuts Palette archive. You will need Aladdin Systems’ StuffIt Expander to decode this file.
  2. Drop the file on StuffIt Expander to extract the “ShortcutsPalette” file and documentation.
  3. Open the OneClick Editor and switch to the Palette panel. Click and hold the mouse button on the New Palette button, then choose Import Palette from the resulting pop-up menu. In the Open dialog that appears, navigate to the “ShortcutsPalette” folder and click the “ShortcutsPalette” file. Click the Import as Global Palette checkbox, then the Select button.
  4. Close the OneClick Editor. The Shortcuts palette is ready for use. Simply click the header bar at the top of the palette for a list of keyboard shortcuts.
  5. More information about the palette is available in the documentation that comes with the clocks.

NOTE: The Shortcuts palette requires OneClick,the top-rated macro and enhancement utility for saving time, simplifying common tasks and automating repetitive actions with keyboard or button shortcuts. To learn more about OneClick, visit the OneClick Product Info page.

Selected by OneClick Spotlight Editor Jerry Kindall.

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